VetroChain, Avalanche And Chainlink May Just Be The Top DeFi Coins

The world of Decentralized finance is trying to create a world of financial transparency and ease that traditional financing does not offer and there are some tokens at the forefront of this creation, they are helping shape up the DeFi world, one step at a time.

Could Avalanche, VetroChain and Chainlink possibly be at the top of these coins changing the DeFi world?

DeFi’s growth is one that will happen slowly, it is not something that can happen overnight, it’ll be a gradual process.

VetroChain (VERT)

VetroChain is aware of the demands that DeFi currently has, this is why the team have created an ecosystem so healthy, it remedies the fears that have been inflated by the mainstream media by making sure they are providing unbeatable and secure service to their users.

VetroChain (VERT) would be built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network and it’ll utilize its proof of stakes authority to carry out efficient and speedy validations of transactions that happen on the platform.

In a world where there is less congestion on a network and a faster authentication time, the transaction fees would be cheaper on BSC.

In addition, it is being built on the BSC network is an added advantage as BSC is a smart contract and it is compatible with Ethereum Virtual Machine-capable blockchains like Avalanche.

This makes it easy for prospective users to move their digital assets across various blockchains and it also improves interoperability between blockchains, which in turn strengthens VetroChain even further.

Vetro is Latin for swap and chain is simply a truncation of blockchain, when put together, VetroChain is a platform that allows for peer-to-peer trading and the swapping of digital assets across five blockchains, Avalanche, Tezos, Ethereum and Solana.

VetroChain’s main features are its ability to allow multi-chain farming, liquidity provision and yield farming, all at their most competitive rates.

The VetroChain (VERT) platform is one that offers complete democratization of power among users of the platform, they will have a say in the runnings of the platform or any possible changes on how to improve it.

The team of developers is building a system that ensures that blockchain technology’s essence and complex natures are captured but also overlaid with a seamless user experience, alongside a simple but intuitive user interface.

The users of the VetroChain platform will have the latest and most essential tools and features at their disposal, which will help them gain the most from their platform.

What Is The Mission And Vision Of VetroChain?

VetroChain’s mission is to ensure that the access of users and their use of digital assets through blockchains is improved, thereby hastening the adoption of crypto-related assets globally. VetroChain believes that next to zero charges per swap transaction will be a motivation for users who are looking towards moving their assets around.

The vision of the VetroChain platform is a successful implementation that’ll motivate others and also serve as a template to build, which the team believes is what is needed in the DeFi space.

VetroChain’s Tokenomics

The official utility token of the VetroChain platform is $VERT, it’ll serve as the ticket to accessing the features the platform offers. Only holders of these tokens can be considered for special roles in the community or initiatives, like being a part of the DAO.

To add to this, interactions on the platform would be gamified and incentivized with rewards in the utility token, doing this would encourage more users to take up the challenge and it’ll be a fun activity that can also be monetized.

The token supplied would be 500 million

30% would be for Presale
25% would be used for Liquidity
20% would be for MultiChain deployment
20% would be used for rewards

5% for team funds.

How To Purchase VetroChain (VERT)

If you’ve gotten to the point, it would mean Vetrochain has piqued your interest, your next move would be to get all the information on how to buy its token. You can purchase VetroChain with several cryptocurrencies like SOL, BTC, BSC, USDT TRC 20 and USDT TRC ERC, and also receive bonuses for buying with them during presale, for example, purchasing VERT tokens with BSC will give you a bonus of 10%.

To begin the process of purchasing, you make your way to the Vetrochain website, go to the presale dashboard, set up your account, while in the process of setting up, you’ll receive a prompt asking you to put down how much you want to spend on the tokens, write down the desired amount.

Once your sign-up has been completed, you’ll get the prompt requiring you to put down your desired spend again, in a drop box, there are various crypto coins to choose from, alongside them, you’ll also see the bonuses you are eligible for, which are dependent on the currency you choose to use for your purchase and the time of your purchase.

Once your decision on an amount is completely decided and you have picked your currency of use, you’ll get your option of clicking pay, it’ll direct you to the wallet address you are paying into and the exact amount you are required to pay.

After your purchase has received approval from the platform, you’ll receive your tokens in your wallet, you can then sit back and enjoy its potential rise.

The VetroChain Ecosystem

The large majority of the activities that’ll occur on the VetroChain’s ecosystem will be piloted by a team that is consisting of community members.

The team, the treasury community and a few representatives of the Vetro community will be in charge of running the ecosystem. There will be several requirements put in place to vote for those who get to be a part of the user’s representatives, the first requirement however will be that there are holders and users of VERT. The average amount in the wallet of the community will also play a role in this.

The VetroChain ecosystem will be a healthy one, with the opinions of the users being taken into consideration.

Chainlink (LINK)

Chainlink (LINK) is a decentralized system of nodes that were created with the aim of connecting data and information, outside a blockchain to on-chain smart contracts. Chainlink helps to enhance smart contract capabilities by letting them gain access to real-world data and also off-chain computing while retaining the security of blockchain technology.

Chainlink is a DeFi token, it is one of the tokens changing the DeFi world as it is now and helping with the steady growth of the DeFi ecosystem.

Avalanche (AVAX)

Avalanche (AVAX) is an open source and programmable smart contracts-related platform, it was created for decentralized applications.

Avalanche is very compatible with VetroChain. It is a platform that will enable you to create faster, cheaper costs and solidity compatible decentralized applications.

Avalanche allows its users to launch Ethereum-based decentralized apps that would process and confirms transactions at a fast pace that is not comparable to any other decentralized platform.

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