Uniglo GLO Vault Will Outperform Standard DeFi Yields Like Those Of EverRise RISE And Evergrow EGC

You may have heard of two reflective meme tokens called EverRise (RISE) And Evergrow (EGC). The idea of these cryptocurrencies is essentially to reward users for holding them. Those rewards basically come from a “tax” on all aftermarket sales of the tokens. With EverRise, there’s a 6 per cent fee collected on every transaction that’s used to buy back and burn tokens. EverGrow charges a 14 per cent transaction fee. Holders can also earn rewards just for holding the tokens. The main difference between the two is that EverRise gives back rewards in RISE tokens while Evergrow gives out rewards in BUSD.

The problem with giving all that value back to holders is that eventually the supply of new holders will run low and the price will have nothing to hold it up.

Here’s a better idea. Rather than just giving the money back to users, Uniglo DAO takes that money (10 per cent aftermarket royalty) and invests it. Thus it’s the treasury itself that backs up the price of the token and makes it rise over time.

Because the royalty is split between the buyer and the seller, money is constantly flowing into the treasury but it never flows out. That is unless the community votes to use some of the profits from investments to burn GLO tokens. Also, one-fifth of the royalty is automatically burned by the smart contracts and thus the circulating supply is always falling.

All holders of GLO get to vote on how the treasury is invested. Anything that can be kept in a crypto wallet is fair gain. That means not only crypto and NFTs but also tokenized assets like gold and collectibles. All you have to do to get exposure to a massively diversified portfolio is buy and hold GLO. This simplicity could make Uniglo the first DeFi DAO to see mass adoption.

The best part about Uniglo is that the royalties are only due on aftermarket sales. Why is that a plus? Because GLO is currently available via an initial coin offering (ICO). And as we all know, the best time to get in on a project that’s bound for the moon is prior to going on the market during the ICO. Between now and 15 October, you can get in on the presale at the Uniglo.io website.

Early adopters not only avoid the royalties, but they also pay a discounted rate. You can get yourself some GLO today for just 0.013 dollar. However, that price goes up on 15 September. Moreover, all unsold tokens will be burned prior to launch. This could greatly increase the value of the token just as it’s hitting exchanges.

Presale buyers can just sit back and watch the treasury and their portion of it grow over the coming years and decades. A small investment in GLO today could turn into life-changing wealth by the time you retire.

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Join Presale: https://presale.uniglo.io/register

Website: https://uniglo.io

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