This Is Why Safemoon Holders Are Selling $SFT To Accumulate Bitgert This August

Key Points

  • There are more Products joining the Bitgert ecosystem than Safemoon
  • Bitgert transaction speed of 100K TPS and zero gas fee vs slow Safemoon
  • The growing Bitgert utility versus the stagnated Safemoon
  • 1000+ upcoming projects via Start-up Studio Program

Crypto experts have commented about the fast-growing interest in Bitgert by Safemoon holders. In fact, there has been a selling spree at Safemoon with many SFM holders accumulating Bitgert. Bitgert has exhibited a fast growth speed over Safemoon in the past months. Today, Bitgert is selling at $0.000000366 at this writing and is expected to hit $0.000001 before the end of August.

This is a promising projection as compared to Safemoon, whose growth potential hardly surpasses 2x. In addition to the fast price growth of Bitgert, more Safemoon holders are likely to sell their Safemoon holdings and buy BRISE due to the following:


Bitgert Ecosystem Growing Fast than Safemoon

Bitgert performance remains exemplary, particularly with regard to the expansive ecosystem that users enjoy. Bitgert ecosystem keeps adding more products, which is expected to continue with the roadmap V2 being rolled out. With a wide array of products on the Bitgert ecosystem, Safemoon is less likely to measure up any time soon. The idea is to sell Safemoon tokens and accumulate more BRISE.


Fast Transaction Speed and Lowest Gas Fee

Bitgert further outperforms Safemoon based on the high transaction speeds that the BRC20 chain offers. Bitgert community enjoys up to 100K TPS on all transactions, something that Safemoon may not achieve anytime soon. The zero gas fee on all Bitgert transactions is an added complement that makes Safemoon holders accumulate more BRISE.


Expansive Bitgert Utility

Bitgert utility has also been on a fast-growing trend as compared to Safemoon. Today, Bitgert users have the chance to enjoy products such as USDT/USDC bridge and the Top 5 Altcoin Bridge on the Bitgert utility. Safemoon is behind in expanding its utility, and that is why the Safemoon community could be dwindling further.


1000+ Upcoming Bitgert Projects

The Bitgert start-up studio program is adding over 1000 new projects that will skyrocket the price and demand for Bitgert than Safemoon. The upcoming projects are Bitgert-backed, hence a milestone for those accumulating Bitgert today, including those on Safemoon.

Centcex and Bitgert collaboration is still viewed as one of the core developments that challenged Safemoon in terms of market competition. With Centcex, Bitgert has achieved a robust ecosystem that allows for even more products than Safemoon.

Therefore, BRISE makes a better crypto investment than Safemoon.

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