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The cryptocurrency market is extremely volatile. Token prices change frequently. That’s why every trader needs to have a strong portfolio. The strength of your portfolio will determine how much money you’ll lose or make on price movements.

If you’re building a strong portfolio, Ripple, Cardano and Big Eyes Coin (BIG) are great options to consider. This piece will reveal what you stand to gain from purchasing these cryptocurrencies.

Ripple – To The Moon After Legal Battle Is Concluded?

Ripple exists as a cryptocurrency and blockchain. This decentralized protocol is designed like a digital payment network. Ripple’s main utility is its function as a payment utility asset and remittance system. This cryptocurrency project is quite similar to the traditional payment processing system. These systems are designed to be able to process multiple transactions quickly.

A group of privately-owned servers powers ripple’s consensus. Due to this consensus mechanism, Ripple can process transactions faster and at a cheaper cost than blockchain. Transactions on this decentralized protocol are also confirmed quickly. Ripple is currently one of the cryptocurrencies with the highest market cap worldwide. According to its initial design, banks were the only ones expected to use Ripple. But individual investors also get a chance to speculate on Ripple’s price movements.

Ripple operates as an open-source, decentralized protocol. Skilled developers can make contributions to the blockchain. They can also use this protocol to create similar projects too. The key thing about Ripple is that this project can process the transfer of different currencies, including non-crypto assets. Yes, you can use Ripple to process the transfer of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dollars, Yens, Pounds, etc.

Cardano – Increasing In Popularity As Some Of The Best Minds Work To Improve The Blockchain

Cardano is a top-rated cryptocurrency project that’s risen to the top within the first few years after its launch. This project is similar to Ethereum and can create smart contracts. As a result, developers can create their own projects on it. Cardano recently unlocked its smart contracts feature. Since that time, worldwide interest in the coin has spiked.

Cardano’s ticker symbol is ADA. It can be purchased on the platform or on popular crypto exchanges. Cardano’s position as an Ethereum killer has taken the coin to new heights. This decentralized protocol can handle multiple transactions due to its proof of stake blockchain. ADA is the reward for staking on the platform.

Big Eyes Coin

Big Eyes Coin should be on your radar if you’re a meme lover interested in gems. This cryptocurrency has plans to outperform some of the biggest meme coins in the coin market. Big Eyes’ developers have created a system where this meme coin will rise to the top of the crypto space.

Recently, the Big Eyes Coin presale moved into its sixth stage. There are only a restricted amount of tokens up for sale during the presale, which is becoming more scarce with the coin’s demand. Big Eyes Coin is a cryptocurrency with a community-driven approach. The only way to join the Big Eyes Coin community is by joining the presale and purchasing your share of tokens.

Big Eyes’ utility will allow users always to come back to purchase this cryptocurrency. Its status as a coin that supports NFT-minting is not what you’ll come across everywhere. As a coin that supports NFT minting, Big Eyes Coin joins some of the biggest names in the coin market. Big Eyes Coin may have some of the biggest NFT collections worldwide within a short period. If this happens, this means the cryptocurrency will experience a boost in reputation and increase in value.

Big Eyes’ presale has been an intriguing one. The development team offered numerous incentives to get traders to fill their bags with BIG tokens. There’s a total supply of 200 million tokens on this project.

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