PTM Reflects on His Decision to Choose the Crypto and NFT Industry

PTM is a well-known figure in the crypto and NFT industry. He’s made a name for himself by being an early adopter of NFTs and investing in several successful projects. In recent years, PTM has become increasingly interested in the potential of NFTs. He believes that they can change the way people interact with digital content and even revolutionize how everyone uses the internet. After deciding to enter the NFT space, PTM felt that he could use his experience as a venture capitalist to increase his ROI. So far, he’s been very successful in his venture and has already impacted the NFT market.


What led him to the NFT industry?

Initially, PTM was a venture capitalist for more than ten years. This allowed him to learn about crypto and NFT quite early in his career. When asked about what finally made him leave his job as a venture capitalist and stick to NFT, he said, “I always knew that I wanted to be my boss. Even as a kid, I was never very good at following rules or taking orders from others. I preferred to strike out on my own and do things my way. So, when the time came, I took the opportunity to become an investor in crypto and a collector of NFTs. It’s like I’m working for myself. The success and failures both are mines, and I have no regrets. Sure, it may be a risky endeavor, but I believe that the potential rewards are well worth the risk.”


PTM’s formula for NFT success

As already mentioned, PTM was a venture capitalist for over 10 years. It was during that time that he learned about crypto and NFT. Now, he applies the venture investing framework in the NFT space. He uses various principles of venture funding, such as due diligence, portfolio construction, and thesis formation to make his investments profitable.

The renowned NFT collector revealed his strategy for investing in successful NFTs. He said, “I usually look for projects with a strong team, a good product, and a clear user value proposition. I also look for signs of traction, such as early adopters and positive user reviews. So far, these things have helped me invest in several successful NFT projects, and I’m confident that those who want to achieve high ROIs should also follow the same tactics.”

PTM’s decision to use his experience as a venture capitalist worked wonders for him. Since he already knew about the crypto industry, it didn’t take him long to figure out how NFTs would work. As a result, he made significant profits from his NFT investments right from his first venture. For example, he sold the Bored Ape and its other mutants for $1.3 million.


As one of the leading NFT collectors, PTM has a word of advice for new investors. He asks everyone to do their research, be patient, and not be afraid to ask questions. The NFT space can be beautiful, but betting blindly will inevitably lead to disappointment.

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