Optimism summer and why Ethereum layer-2 token exploded overnight with 55% gains

  • Ethereum layer-2 solution Optimism exploded overnight, offering traders 55% gains. 
  • Ethereum developers have signaled continued progress in testing the new system, holding a series of events ahead of the Merge.
  • Optimism recently unveiled Bedrock, its upgraded rollups architecture at EthCC in Paris. 

Ethereum developers have signaled consistent growth and on-track development ahead of the Merge. The altcoin’s layer-2 scaling solution exploded overnight, offering investors 55% gains on their investment. 

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Optimism breaks into massive rally ahead of the Merge

Optimism, one of Ethereum’s largest layer-2 scaling solutions, recently witnessed a massive rally overnight. The altcoin has posted double-digit gains, offering investors an opportunity to book 55% profits overnight. 

There are three key reasons for Optimism’s explosive gains. Analysts at Bloomberg believe that the rally witnessed in Ethereum and related assets signals confidence among investors on the transition to Proof-of-Stake. The switch is expected to take place in September, and since developers have signaled continued progress towards the Merge, Ethereum and related cryptocurrencies, including layer-2 solutions, exploded. 

Developers behind Optimism participated in the EthCC conference in Paris and offered insights on:

  • Leveling up optimistic rollups through Cannon, next-generation fault-proof architecture.
  • Optimism introduced Bedrock, the protocol’s next major upgrade. 

These developments chart the future of Optimism and the ecosystem’s growth over the next few months. Optimism revealed its plans for adopting Proto-Danksharding or EIP-4844 sustainably and efficiently. News of on-track development and community events fueled a bullish sentiment among investors. 

Optimism Summer on the way?

rektGEMS, a leading crypto analyst, evaluated the performance of projects on the Optimism network and Optimism’s explosive growth. The analyst noted that:

1. Optimism (OP) has outperformed Ethereum (ETH) in the last two weeks by over 100%. 

2. Optimism’s TVL has almost doubled in July 2022

VelodromeFi, a central trading and liquidity marketplace, witnessed a 600% increase in its Total Value Locked. The project is now the number one decentralized exchange on Optimism. The analyst sheds light on OP Grant Proposal and identifies projects that could witness a rally in response to explosive growth in the Optimism ecosystem. 

Analysts at FXStreet predict u-turn in Ethereum price

Analysts at FXStreet evaluated the Ethereum price trend and predicted a u-turn in the altcoin. Analysts believe Ethereum could see a retest of $1,000 in a potential trend reversal. For price targets and more information, check the video below:


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