LIVE! Cardano’s Much-Awaited Vasil Hard Fork Is Deployed! By CoinEdition

LIVE! Cardano’s Much-Awaited Vasil Hard Fork Is Deployed!

  • has successfully completed the Vasil Hard Fork.
  • Earlier today, the team reported that the critical mass indications required were complete.
  • The Cardano community eagerly awaits to see the effects of the upgrade.

Cardano has successfully completed its much-awaited network upgrade — the Vasil Hard Fork. The Cardano Foundation has expressed its excitement at the execution of this highly anticipated upgrade.

In a Tweet posted on Wednesday, Input Output Hong Kong (IOHK), the engineering team behind the Cardano blockchain, explained that with this latest addition, they would meet all three critical mass indicators that were necessary for the hard fork.

The first of these indicators include the upgrading of 39 exchanges and preparing them for the hard fork. The second indicator is that over 98% of mainnet blocks are now being created by the Vasil node (1.35.3). And last but not least, the top Cardano decentralized apps by total locked value (TLV) have confirmed they have tested and are ready for the Vasil Hard Fork.

Among other updates, IOHK’s readiness blog also details a list of exchanges and their readiness status. Notably, Coinbase (NASDAQ:) is the only major exchange that is still “in progress.” The remaining exchanges are “ready” as per the information given on the site.

Delayed numerous times, the Vasil upgrade is named after the late Vasil St Dabov, who was a valued member of the Cardano community. Vasil is also the most ambitious update program for Cardano to date.

The upgrade is believed to bring considerable improvements using Cardano’s hard fork combinator (HFC) approach. This development is also expected to enhance the network’s performance by increasing throughput, script efficiency, and reducing latency in block transmission. The crypto community eagerly waits to see the effect this upgrade will have on the network and the price of ADA.

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