EverGrow will always beat Dogecoin for THIS reason

by November 25, 2022

A new cryptocurrency is shining a spotlight on the biggest problem with Dogecoin.

It’s not that Dogecoin is a meme coin. Nor is it that Dogecoin has no real-world value. It’s that Dogecoin is inflationary with supply growing at 5 billion DOGE each year – or 4% of total supply.

What does Dogecoin inflation mean for investors?

If you’re thinking of HODLing Dogecoin until it hits $1, this question is for you. Every year the $1 goal gets further and further away because the market cap required for a $1 Dogecoin increases by $5 billion.

For context, the Dogecoin market cap is under $10 billion today. So you’re asking for half the current entire market cap added on every year. It’s a big ask.

Meanwhile EverGrow is burning tokens so fast it’s on track to hit $0.001 to $1 in the next decade. 

Read more about EverGrow here: https://evergrowegc.com/


EverGrow ecosystem burns 1 trillion EGC tokens in 10 days

The EverGrow burn rate just got ramped up 5,750% in November. 

How? EverGrow launched an NFT marketplace. And not just any NFT marketplace – LunaSky is the first marketplace in crypto to dedicate 100% of revenue to buying and burning a native token.

Let’s see how this works.

The burning from LunaSky funding began on November 9th. Every hour, $500 of EverGrow is bought and burned from supply. The burning will continue until the end of the year until excess revenue is burned off – so far at least $150,000 has been spent, which is a huge amount for EverGrow with a market cap of just $40 million.

While the burn is on, the EverGrow price will be ripe for a breakout – especially with BNB as a liquidity pair on PancakeSwap. You cannot buy EverGrow on centralised exchanges, only on PancakeSwap. So any spike in the BNB price would send EverGrow skyrocketing.

If you’re interested in ROI higher than Dogecoin, supported by actual real-world value, then you need to get EverGrow into your portfolio today. 

Read more about EverGrow here: https://evergrowegc.com/


EverGrow to $0.001 in a decade?

To hit $0.001, EverGrow would need to grow over 1,110,000%.

Such insane growth would 1,000x any investment you make today. For example you could turn $100 into $1 million of this. It’s the kind of growth that minted Bitcoin and Dogecoin millionaires before they became household names.

The crazy thing is that EverGrow is on track for this kind of growth. By burning tokens alone!

First of all, you need to understand the EverGrow tax:

  • 8% is converted into Binance USD and paid to all holders – $38 million paid to date
  • 2% is used to buy back and burn EverGrow – 5% of the circulating supply burned in the past 12 months
  • 2% is used to fund the EGC/BNB liquidity pair on PancakeSwap
  • 2% is used for ecosystem development

It’s a high tax. But it’s a tax that both encourages long-term investing and discourages rapid buying and selling – the latter is what so often causes Dogecoin to crash in price. But with EverGrow there’s an incentive for large investors to keep on holding, because they are earning passive income.

Many EverGrow investors who bought EGC a year ago have already made their entire investment back in passive income – even if that investment was $1 million.

Couple this with the burning from LunaSky, and there’s a recipe for rampant price breakouts. The EverGrow burn will be supplemented even further in 2023 when a new application drops – the Crator social media and crypto-powered subscription app – and sends 100% of its revenue to buying and burning EverGrow.

With every passing year, EverGrow gets closer to giving you incredible ROI. Whereas with Dogecoin, every passing year makes it harder and harder to reach your investment goals. That’s why EverGrow is soon to become a top 50 crypto – and you have the chance to now get a slice before prices start pumping.

Read more about EverGrow here: https://evergrowegc.com/

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