Can Dogeliens NFT Collection Skyrocket Into The Stratosphere, Or The Stellar Ethereum’s Goblin Town Collectibles Outshine Its Competition?

The NFT market is going through a rough patch, to say the least. The prices of everyone’s favourite JPEGs plummeted almost beyond the floor, again underlining why the floor price exists in the first place. And while the whole market is pondering what the next top-tier collection will look like, we might have an answer for you.
Join me in today’s editorial, where we will consider two NFT collectibels, Goblin Town and Dogealiens. Both collections have quite a few resemblances while also being different in certain aspects. After this article, we will decide which NFTs will reign supreme and which are doomed to be forgotten. Let’s dive in.
Goblin Town: The Punk Rock Of NFTs

By all accounts, this was a very divisive collection for the industry. Derived its name from the Twitter movement that refers to the bearish sentiment among the investors during the market travelling south, Goblin Town is a unique collection that reached an unprecedented following. For starters, the crypto world was shocked simply because this collection had no whitelisting, no advertising or even any copyrights reserved whatsoever. Instead of making JPEG enthusiasts monitor Twitter and Discord 24/7, the Goblin Town NFTs could be repurposed at the owner’s direction. On top of that, these Ethereum-powered NFTs were free to mint, apart from paying the obvious gas fees, but that was it.
Understandably, many wanted to receive clarification on how a collection that did not even have a website at the time suddenly became a Twitter sensation overnight. To put it into perspective, it did not follow a single rule that made previous NFTs successful. It lacked conspicuous aesthetics, zero marketing and, most of all, was not pretty. In fact, it didn’t resemble any of the cute NFTs available on the market that has become part of the widespread hysteria. However, by presenting itself as irrelevant, Goblin Town became the most discussed NFT project in the late spring of 2022.
Dogealiens: The Next Generation Meme Token

Despite being the new kid on the crypto block, the Dogealiens project is ready to surprise its competition with a highly unique value proposition. Although this project is big on the community aspect, it is the meme coin, after all. Nonetheless, the loyal fanbase is not the only remarkable feature Dogealiens could offer. For starters, this project is about spreading crypto adoption, and what better way could one achieve this goal if not through education?
Meet “Barkington University”, where crypto enthusiasts and newbies will learn about what blockchain, metaverse, GameFi and other branches of crypto amalgamate under its umbrella. But the undisputed cherry on top is the project’s upcoming NFT collection, spawning 10,000 unique dogealiens avatars. A collection will follow the conventional PFP standard, where the general theme will stay the same, while each avatar will have a particular set of traits and features, making each NFT a unique JPEG. Stay tuned to learn more about this project!
The Bottom Line
As much as the Goblin Town collection was a phenomenon, it burned bright for a while, only to fade away and become somewhat irrelevant. What made it unique in the first place quickly stopped resonating with the community since aesthetics matter in the end. This is why it looks like Dogealiens has not only so much to offer as a project but also as an NFT collection. Indeed, it checks all the necessary boxes that made other collections skyrocket, so if you are looking for the next big thing, you might have just stumbled upon it.
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