5 Billion $BRISE AirDrop Among Reasons Cardano Investors Are Accumulating Bitgert Today

The Bitgert team has experienced a growing number of new Cardano investors buying today and in the last few days. The Cardano investors buying Bitgert today have risen because of the massive airdrop courtesy of the Bitgert exchange Android version going live on the Playstore.

The Bitgert exchange Android release airdrop has exited the crypto community, including the Cardano investors who are also accumulating this coin. The airdrop was announced on the Bitgert exchange Twitter handle where the rules to be followed to get part of the 5 Billion BRISE tokens airdrop are pretty simple. Check it out on various Bitgert social platforms.

However, the airdrop for the Bitgert exchange android release is just one of the many reasons why the number of Cardano investors buying Bitgert has been increasing. Despite the good performance that Cardano has registered in the past few days, its investors are still buying Bitgert mainly because of the huge profit potential it offers.

In fact, looking at the price forecasts for both Cardano and Bitgert, the latter has the potential to make investors super-rich. Here are other reasons Cardano holders are accumulating $BRISE this month:

Bigger Profits Potential

Bitgert has the potential to make investors bigger profits than Cardano in the next few months. The price forecast shows that $BRISE has the potential to explode 10X in the next few months. This is not the case with the Cardano coin. In fact, Cardano will take time to grow 2X. So the possibility of making bigger profits is why these investors have been accumulating $BRISE.

More Disruptive Products Coming Up

There are many super attractive developments coming up in the Bitgert ecosystem in the next few weeks. The Brise team has announced the coming of key products on the chain, some of which are in the last stages of development. Bitgert official DEX can launch anytime this month. Another disruptive product coming up soon is the decentralized marketplace. These disruptive products have the potential to make the Bitgert growth rate bigger than Cardano. 

Bitgert Fast-Growing Hype

The Bitgert hype has grown exponentially compared to Cardano, and this can be seen from Google search trends. The Brise project is doing better against the likes of Cardano and most of the big cryptocurrencies in the market. This growth in hype shows a growing interest in this token and a possible explosion in buying pressure. Therefore, Bitgert might be preparing for a bull run.

In conclusion, these are just some reasons why more and more Cardano investors are buying Bitgert today. $BRISE is a token worth checking out and a perfect buy today while the price is still low.

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